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Dedicated servers are supercharged computers that businesses or individuals use to manage their software and services. They offer total control, top-notch performance, and security. They're perfect for handling big data, running complex programs such as machine learning, hosting websites, storing backups, creating virtual spaces, grouping servers together, and running business applications like customer management and planning. Plus, they're handy for hosting online games.

Boost your performance with iRexta's Dedicated Server Hosting

Simple setup for quick deployment

Discover over 150 locations across 6 continents

Explore the ideal solution with dedicated servers for your website or application's speed and security needs. Select from Linux, Windows, and Apple operating systems available in managed and unmanaged configurations. A dedicated server guarantees the confidence of a well-protected online presence, providing security you can trust.

Choose from various servers at So You Start, featuring Intel Xeon, Intel Core, or AMD EPYC processors, along with SATA or SSD NVMe hard drives. This ensures robust power and ample storage capabilities to support your projects.

Operating Systems

We provide a wide range of options to cater to your specific needs and requirements for operating systems. You can choose from Unix, Linux, or Windows, depending on what suits you best.

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Redhat Fedora

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Cloud Linux

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Windows 8/12

GUI Based Control Panels

No need to navigate the complexities of the command line interface. Our advanced control panels provide comprehensive coverage and are designed to meet your needs. Widely acclaimed as the market's finest, these control panels offer a smooth and efficient solution for managing and optimizing your dedicated server. Seize control of your server's performance effortlessly through our user-friendly tools.

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What Is a Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is like having your own personal computer in a big data center. It's only used by one organization, unlike shared servers where many organizations share the same space. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over how it's used. This means you can customize and manage it however you want.

Dedicated servers are great for important tasks that need a lot of computer power, like running big websites or complex programs. They ensure that your services are always available to your users, without any interruptions.


Why Choose iRexta for Your Dedicated Server Needs?

At iRexta, our dedicated servers give you a special IP address and full control over your operating system. We've designed our servers to handle lots of visitors without a hitch. You get at least 10TB of monthly bandwidth in all our packages to make sure your website or app can handle the traffic. Plus, we offer different speed options (100Mbps, 1Gbps, or 15Gbps) to match what you need. This means your website or app will always run smoothly and fast.

What advantages come with having your own dedicated server?

When it comes to hosting, nothing beats the flexibility and performance of the most potent hosting option available. With complete access and control over the entire server, no other choice can match its capabilities.


What Can You Do with a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server offers a range of capabilities due to its exclusive resources and flexibility. With a dedicated server, you can host websites, store backups securely, run gaming servers like Minecraft, create personal cloud spaces for data storage, set up dedicated firewalls for enhanced security, establish communication systems, synchronize data across devices, analyze business data effectively with analytics tools, and handle high-performance computing tasks like geoscientific simulations or deep learning workloads. These servers are suitable for various applications across industries, providing tailored solutions for specific needs and requirements.

Boost Your Website's Speed with iRexta's Powerful Bare Metal Dedicated Servers!

Get the best of both worlds with bare metal servers – they're powerful, cost-effective, and provide a secure hosting space for all your needs. Picture them as raw computers, set up with your chosen operating system before they reach you. We even throw in extra tools and apps to make sure your server is good to go from the start. Want to know more about our Cloud? Check out our Cloud Server service. Or, for something simpler, click here to explore our VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions.

Here are the custom-installed applications:

  • Apache HTTP
  • MySQL Database
  • PHP, phpMyAdmin
  • Sendmail
  • Webmin
  • cPanel (optional, extra fees may apply)
  • Windows Server Manager
  • IIS, Internet Information Services
  • MSSQL (optional, extra fees may apply)

Curious about our Cloud? Dive into our Cloud Server service. Or, for a simpler option, explore our VPS (Virtual Private Server) solutions by clicking here.


Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, your website takes the spotlight. No more limits – customize, optimize, and manage resources freely on your exclusive server. iRexta is here to assist in maintaining and updating. Choose dedicated hosting for a boundless online experience.


Hosting that’s totally dedicated and fully loaded

Get ready for hosting that is completely dedicated and fully loaded. Along with the unparalleled control that comes with dedicated hosting, you'll also enjoy a wide range of impressive features and benefits.


Multi-server management

By using multi-server management, you can add numerous VPS, Shared, or Dedicated hosting services to your account and easily handle them all from a single place.


Unmanaged servers

Are you highly skilled in server management? With unmanaged servers, you have complete access and control over everything from the operating system to Apache.


Improved cPanel

With the improved cPanel, you can effortlessly manage all of your websites, domains, emails, resources, and more from one convenient and centralized location.


Storage Upgrades

By upgrading the storage, you can expand the storage capacity on your server instantly and without the need for help from a server administrator.


Extreme speed

Experience extreme speed with our custom-built servers that utilize the latest open-source technology. This provides the flexibility to enhance performance gradually, keeping your website current with the latest speed standards.

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Dedicated Support

Receive expedited support from agents who are specifically trained to assist with dedicated hosting issues, ensuring that you receive the dedicated support you need.

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Root Access

Consider yourself an advanced user? Optional full root access provides unrestricted access, allowing you to perform custom installations and more.

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Fast provisioning

Experience fast provisioning with our team of specialists who will custom build and rack your server, connecting it to the network within 24-96 hours.

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RAID Storage

Experience improved security and protection with our high-quality storage configuration that uses RAID1, which mirrors your data for added redundancy.

iRexta's Dedicated Servers

Your Business, Your Rules

Select iRexta's Dedicated Servers for a budget-friendly option delivering a dedicated resource set tailored to your IT requirements. Explore the perks of our bare metal servers:

  • Transparent Pricing, Complimentary Setup Assistance
  • 24/7 Customer Support, Efficient Hardware Replacement
  • Guaranteed 100% Uptime SLA for Uninterrupted Service
  • Complete Root Access, Solutions Designed to Fit Your Unique Business Needs

Available Options

HARDWARE RAID Icon in iRexta


If you seek heightened control over your RAID setup, our hardware RAID controller feature provides the ideal solution. This feature allows you to independently manage your RAID, presenting a single disk per RAID array to the host. If you don't spot this feature in your cart, raise a ticket, and we'll handle the rest. Elevate your RAID management with our hardware RAID controller feature.

SAN Icon in iRexta


Make the most of the Storage Area Network (SAN) feature, offering versatile storage solutions in your preferred location. Supplement storage for your servers, seamlessly appearing as locally attached devices in the operating system. Pricing and storage options will vary based on the specific location. If this feature is not visible in the cart, simply request it by submitting a ticket.



Connect servers within the same location's local area network using this feature. Keep in mind that a minimum of two servers is required for this functionality, and the options and bandwidth speeds will vary depending on your location. If this feature is not found in your cart, feel free to request it by submitting a ticket.



Renting a service? Safeguard it against DDoS attacks effortlessly with our dedicated DDoS protection feature. The methods of mitigation may vary depending on your location. DDoS attacks can be a severe threat, causing disruptions and potential shutdowns. If you don't spot the DDoS protection feature in your cart, don't worry – simply request it by submitting a ticket and fortify your service against potential threats.

BACKUP Icon in iRexta


Safely back up crucial content on your server, subject to location permissions. Backup methods and frequency will vary based on the location. If the desired backup feature is not visible, request it by submitting a ticket. Backups play a vital role in safeguarding your data from server crashes, cyberattacks, or accidental deletions, providing peace of mind and convenient restoration options.

FIREWALL Icon in iRexta


Secure your server with our robust hardware firewall feature! We offer a selection of models and features to cater to your specific needs, depending on your server's location. If the hardware firewall option is not found in your cart, worry not – just open a support ticket and request it! Our team will promptly make it available for you.

IPV6 Icon in iRexta


Experience the advantages of our IPv6 feature, enabling you to utilize IPv6 addresses as your primary or secondary/fail-over IPs in your chosen location. The availability of IPv6 implementation depends on the location. If not currently available, you can request it via ticket. This option provides you with more flexibility and redundancy in managing your IPs.

IPMI Icon in iRexta


Take charge of your server's power state, KVM, and other features with the exciting IPMI feature. If the version isn't available in the cart, you can still request this feature via ticket. Don't miss the opportunity to have complete control over your server with IPMI!

BGP SESSION Icon in iRexta


BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, is a protocol that helps route data packets across the internet. It facilitates the exchange of routing and reachability information between edge routers, ensuring the directed flow of traffic to its intended destination. The availability of this protocol may differ depending on your location. If you want to know more about BGP or confirm its availability in your region, feel free to contact us.

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